All-in-One Solution
— For NextGen Business

A cloud-based solution for your business to manage all activities under one umbrella

Make Your Business Automated


Connect with you Clients and Contractors instantly

Our highly advanced solution helps to make your business automated by connecting with your clients using our Cloud-based Mobile/Web solution.

Be Faster and Competitive

Provide better services to your clients by using our online services

Instant Communication and Tracking

Communicate with your clients/contractors instantly, say bye to emails

Be more Productive and Husle-free

Use our accounting services to make invoicing and billing easier

Mobile Solution

Get one step ahead by using our highly advanced mobile application for real-time communication and updates

All in one place

Manage all your business activities like scheduling, job tracking, files uploads, invoicing and billing using one platform.

Safe. Secure. Fast

Highly secure and reliable platform build using the most advanced cloud computing technologies and security measures.

Fresh Ideas and Innovations

We are continuously working to upgrade our platform with new features to provide cutting-edge solutions to our customers

Software Overview

Demonstrating core competencies to turn your business innovative. Create stakeholder engagement more efficient to gain more traction and retention.

  • Task Scheduling

    Use our scheduling tool to add and allocate tasks to your employees/contractors along with live tracking

  • Stakeholders Management

    Manage your businsess stakeholders in better way

  • Accounting and Reporting

    Streamlined Invoicing and Billing along with Reporting

Adapt, Evolve

Adapt new techologies in your business for competitive advantages

Fresh Idea and Design

Fresh ideas and designs for better usability and user interface

Streamlined Services

Streamlined workflow to make your business activites much easier and faster

24/7 Support

24/7 Australia based Technical support and Maintenance

Be at Peace

Highly secure and reliable platform using latest technologies and security measures

User Management and Activity Tracking

User management and tracking to audit the activities

Make your Business Advanced

Start using Cloud360s platform to make your business more efficient and provide better service to your stakeholders

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  • Cloud based Mobile/Web Application

    A state-of-the-art cloud solution with mobile and web application for easy and handy usability.

  • Quick & Perfect Solution For Your Business

    By tailoring advanced technologies into simple solution, Cloud360s offers simple to use, fast and reliable services to meet your business needs

  • Elegant & User-friendly Interface

    We focus to make all interactions very simple and user-friendly to make the solution simple to use and learn

  • Integrations with Accounting softwares

    Cloud360s is capable of integrating widely used accounting software like Xero, Quickbooks etc.

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